about the brand

HAUS OF FLAUNT is made for lifestyle and performance. Minimalistic and simple. Comfort and style. Wear it at home, at the gym, dance class, to and from work - this brand is for your every day. I created the line HAUS OF FLAUNT as a unisex street brand. All are accepted in the HAUS OF FLAUNT. Represent.

About the Founder

Denise Poole is the Founder and CEO of Flaunt Entertainment. She grew up as a performing artist in Vancouver, BC with acting, singing and dancing. After high school she was discouraged to continue dancing, having a difficult time with the constraints of choreography, but during a trip to Europe she discovered the freestyle club dancers and was inspired to continue dancing. She started her first dance company Flo-go in Vancouver in her grandfather’s memory after learning he was also a dancer. She moved to Los Angeles pursuing her career in the film industry, but her love for dance always played a huge part in her life. After earning her green card she was able to start a new dance company in California and Flaunt Entertainment became official in 2018. She had been training dancers in Canada and so naturally, the Flaunt Gogo Academy was also established in Los Angeles. The Academy is both a place for performers to train to work as professional dancers and a safe space for people who just want to learn how to dance and gain confidence in their own body. When the pandemic of 2020 happened, Denise opened up a live stream management division and the idea for the HAUS OF FLAUNT was born. A community where everyone, no matter who you are, is welcome and accepted into the HAUS OF FLAUNT. All performers, all artists, all those with a passion for movement, music, and entertainment. Denise strives to create a community for performing artists in Los Angeles, and Flaunt Entertainment is a pillar for representation and avocation for the growth of the Los Angeles performing arts community.

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